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Linear Motor Stages

Danaher Motion's high performance brushless linear servo motors provide a very high speed, smooth motion alternative to more traditional leadscrew and ballscrew drive mechanisms.  They directly drive the user load and may be commutated digitally or sinusoidally, with the latter providing the smoothest motion.  Linear servo motors require some form of positioning feedback.  This feedback mechanism also dictates the stage's resolution and accuracy, so it's selection is important to system performance.  Danaher Motion uses linear encoders since they are non-contacting, cost-effective, and available in a wide range of resolutions and accuracies.  Later, interferometers may be used for feedback in applications with extremely demanding accuracy requirements.

Air Bearing Stages

Danaher Motion air bearing stages provide the ultimate in precision linear motion. Virtually frictionless, they consist of a shuttle which floats on a thin film of air above a precision ground base. Their exceptional linear and angular accuracy stems from the inherent averaging of non-contact air bearing technology. Within the air bearing slide, air is restricted to provide a thin film of air (5µm to 10µm) upon which the shuttle floats. This air film behaves as a stiff spring, which develops a restoring force in response to applied loads. As a load is applied to the shuttle, the air gap decreases slightly. This reduces the air flow, which decreases the pressure drop across the restrictors. The result is an increase in the pressure of the air under the shuttle, which produces a force opposing the original applied force. The air bearing thereby functions as a position servo system, resisting deflections due to applied forces, and maintaining a relatively constant gap thickness. In addition to its stiffness, air bearings exhibit an inherent averaging property, which results in the shuttle possessing a smoother runout profile than the surface over which it slides. Danaher Motion’s unique clog-free air bearing technology provides superior reliability while eliminating costly filtration requirements.

X-Y Table

Danaher Motion-Doverís motorized X-Y tables come complete with many standard features. All rotary motor driven tables are supplied complete and ready to use, with motors, rear shaft-mounted knobs for fine manual control, flexible couplings, and built-in Hall-effect limit switches. These limit switches function both as overtravel stops and precision position references, and are repeatable to Ī2.5 microns. Separate locking connectors, with strain-relieved cables, are provided for motor and limit/encoder signals, allowing convenient modular cable sets to be used. A key feature of our rotary motor and leadscrew-driven tables is our anti-backlash nut, which provides very high repeatability and automatically compensates for wear, achieving backlashfree lifetimes in excess of 7.5x10 6 meters. The rest of our rotary motor driven tables incorporate precision ballscrews, which can achieve stiffnesses of 5x107 Newtons/meter

Rotary Table

Danaher Motion-Doverí motorized rotary stages come complete with many standard features, including a motor, a rear shaftmounted knob for fine manual control, a flexible coupling, a built-in Hall-effect limit switch, and locking motor and limit/encoder connectors with strain-relieved cables. The limit switch provides a precision position reference (repeatable to 30 arc-seconds; 0.008 degree) in one direction of rotation, while the opposite direction allows unlimited travel. Separate locking connectors are provided for motor drive and limit/encoder signals, allowing convenient modular cable sets to be used. An anti-backlash worm assembly is a key feature of our rotary tables. It spring-loads the worm into the gear, providing very high repeatability, automatic wear compensation, and smoothing of torque variations throughout the units travel. We also affer a new Direct Drive Rotary Table.


Thomson's Movorail has been tested and proven in the industry for over 20 years and has become one of the leading light weight rail systems on the market today. With a high degree of modularity, these units are simple and easy to install, offering a broad range of accessories.

Belt & Ballscrew Actuators

Belt driven, ball guided positioning slides by Danaher Motion are designed for smooth travel in dynamic applications requiring high speed, high acceleration. These families present a long life performance in the midst of acceleration rates up to 40 m/s2.

Industrial Linear Actuators

Danaher Motion's Linear Actuators offer best fits for a variety of applications. With both standard and customizable stroke lengths up to 915 mm (36 in), these families can provide full load forces as high as 8800 N (2000 lbf).  Available in both DC (12, 24, 36) and AC (115, 230, 400) voltage models, these actuators come optionally packaged with a wide selection of controls and accessories.

Precision Linear Actuators

Precision Linear Actuator systems from Danaher Motion come in a variety of combinations.  Actuators can be ball or acme screw driven coupled to a motor through an inline mount, gearbox, or timing belt.  Motor and drive control combinations include DC, stepper, brushless AC servo, and 3-phase AC induction.

Gantry Stages

Our advanced X-Y gantry positioners are designed from the ground up to provide excellent repeatable accuracy and fast move and settle times. The result -- higher yield and more throughput!

Positioning Sliders

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